FitBark: For a healthier, happier life together

Helping pet parents monitor their dog’s health and wellbeing

At PetSure, we’re always looking for ways to help pet owners and vets keep our four-legged friends healthy and happy, which is why we’re proud to partner with FitBark.

FitBark clips on to your dog’s collar and sends health data directly to your iOS or Android device, so you can keep track of their wellbeing day and night. Check their sleeping patterns, see how far they’re running at the park or monitor their activity levels when you head off to work.

It’s a clever new way to motivate you and your dog to get active and for your vet, it’s a great source of information when they’re assessing behaviour change or making healthcare decisions.

Find out more and get your FitBark

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You can also purchase your FitBark at David Jones, Kogan and RSPCA stores around Australia.

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